What they're saying about SBT. . .

Riolama Lorenzo

The students at Swarthmore Ballet Theatre were among the most respectful students I've come across in all my years of teaching. They absorb every critique and are tireless in their effort to apply those corrections. Working with these young dancers is always a satisfying experience.

Riolama Lorenzo
Principal Dancer, Pennsylvania Ballet
Guest Teacher, Swarthmore Ballet Theatre
photograph © Alexander Iziliaev
Arantxa Ochoa

I had the honor of working with your students... it was a great experience. Their work ethic is remarkable, their desire of learning and their love of dance is something that is hard to find in our days and it takes a very special individual to create a school with this values.

Congratulations for all your hard work!

Arantxa Ochoa
Principal Dancer, Pennsylvania Ballet
Guest Teacher, Swarthmore Ballet Theatre
photograph © Alexander Iziliaev

My heart is still singing from Saturday! Such commitment to movement and character, such strength and grace and true joy in the dancing. It was inspiring and heartwarming to behold.

You lead by example, and have shaped and continue to shape and touch so many lives. Not only those of us who have forged careers performing teaching and making dance, but countless others as well.

To be exposed to the intense discipline, perseverance, devotion to the task at hand, joy in hard work, shaping a sense of community... all of these qualities you possess and we, through the years, have been privileged to witness and emulate, they serve us not only in our dancing but in the rest of our lives too, (if they're possible to separate!)

So thank you, for your hard work, dedication, beauty and love. I was totally thrilled to witness and be a part of it all!

Derry Swan
Merce Cunningham Dance Company
Former ballet student of Lori Ardis

We cannot express enough gratitude towards Lori and everyone at Swarthmore Ballet Theatre for giving our children the best guidance, training and nurtured environment in learning ballet.


I learned to like ballet before coming to Swarthmore, but it was only in your classes that I learned to love it.


You are the best teacher a person could ask for... can't wait to come back to class and see your shining face and be given more corrections so I can become a better dancer... Thank you again for everything you have done.


Thank you for your continued commitment to the art, you have touched so many young lives over the years, and I am proud to say I am one of them.


...the ballet was fresh, charming, original and beautifully danced by the entire cast. This production is a pure pleasure to watch!


Congratulations on a beautiful and wonderful world premiere. To bring new work into the world is such a beautiful thing! And to be sold out while doing it! Bask in the glow of success and enjoy every bit.